After The Peak: Why did we make this film?

Why this film?

We've seen documentaries with statistics and talking heads. Some are good and stir us to action. Some are boring and stir us to change the channel. I believe our society will face extreme stress if we arrive at the day of peak oil without beginning significant preparations, well in advance.

A key challenge facing filmmakers, and oddly enough, politicians and you as well, is the problem of making vast, global problems understandable in a way that allows us to act, in a way that doesn't flatten us totally into "sophisticated resignation" but attaches us to the lives of people we can relate to. That has been our goal for After The Peak.

I wanted to find a way to show how the everyday, local kinds of things (and people) will be affected. It's my hope that showing these community impacts will make the problem more tangible, easier to understand. And, it's my dream that a bit of additional understanding will move us all closer to coping with the problem in advance. This is why we chose the format of an ordinary local TV news special. It's a down to earth, close to home kind of thing.

America and Americans are good at responding to problems, to crisis. But the peak oil crisis will not end. We will find the solutions to the problems, but we may suffer for ten to twenty years as we put those solutions in place. If we can reduce that suffering by one year (or even one day) it will be worth it.

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